Third Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl
Third Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl

Third Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl

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The Third Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl is a powerful and resonant instrument designed specifically to balance and activate the third eye chakra. This crystal singing bowl is finely tuned to produce the note A3, which corresponds to the frequency associated with the third eye chakra.

Crafted with precision and care, this singing bowl is made from high-quality crystal quartz, known for its clarity and energetic properties. Crystal quartz is believed to amplify intentions and create a pure, vibrant sound that resonates deeply within the body and energy field.

The bowl is beautifully designed with a smooth and polished surface, allowing the crystal to radiate its natural luminosity. The color associated with the third eye chakra, a deep indigo or violet, may be present in the bowl, further enhancing its visual appeal and energetic connection to the chakra.

To activate the third eye chakra, gently strike the singing bowl with the included mallet or rotate the mallet around the rim of the bowl. As the vibrations of the bowl fill the space, you can focus your attention on your third eye chakra, located in the center of your forehead, between your eyebrows. Allow the resonant sound to penetrate your being, balancing and aligning the energy of this chakra.

The third eye chakra, also known as the Ajna chakra, is associated with intuition, insight, and spiritual awareness. It is believed to be the center of higher consciousness and inner vision. Using the Third Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl during meditation, energy healing, or chakra balancing practices can help stimulate and harmonize the third eye chakra, promoting clarity, intuition, and expanded awareness.

This crystal singing bowl comes with a sturdy and cushioned carry case, making it convenient to incorporate into your daily spiritual rituals or take with you on your spiritual journey.

Whether you are a dedicated practitioner, a healer, or simply someone interested in exploring the power of sound for chakra alignment, the Third Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl is a transformative tool. Its exquisite craftsmanship, resonant sound, and energetic connection to the third eye chakra make it a valuable addition to your spiritual practice or a thoughtful gift for someone seeking to awaken their intuitive abilities and deepen their spiritual connection.

Embrace the harmonizing vibrations of the Third Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl, and allow its sound to awaken your inner vision, expand your consciousness, and bring balance to your spiritual journey.

Third Eye Chakra - Located between the eyebrows, the Ajna or Third-Eye Chakra is our center of intuition, perception, and visualization. Allow this blend to enhance your divine guidance.

10" dia Crystal Singing Bowl, note A3#

Bowl, Striker, & Carry Case

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